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Work gloves

Robust and durable work gloves for specialized use

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Safety and protection of your hands

During hard work, when hands are exposed to unprotection, certainty and awareness of one’s own safety are important, while the basis is adequate hand protection. It is worth to focus on solid workmanship and high-quality materials, but also proven solutions and care for the comfort of work.

Properly certified gloves will provide adequate protection against dangerous factors in the working environment, so we can be sure that we are not in danger. Welding gloves should have an extended cuff, and should be made entirely of leather. The cotton top of the glove looks good, while in contact with sparks or molten metal it will not fulfill its function.

Protection against mechanical damage, as well as protection against heat and sparks from the welder, is the main purpose of protective gloves used during operation. Other gloves protect against acids, while others are used to work in oily areas. They are united by one thing – their task is to protect the employee from the harmful effects of external factors.

The protective gloves in our offer effectively fulfill this task, providing protection and improving the quality of work. Designed for both amateurs and professionals, both for specialized projects and for minor repairs. Tested by dozens of companies and hundreds of DIY. Check our protective gloves now and take care of your safety.

01. Work gloves

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04. Single-finger gloves

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