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Reinforced Work Gloves from Europol

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Clothes Multi 5IN1

Multifunctional Clothing Swedish, tr/combustible, antistatic, acid-resistant, anti-electric arc protection, with increased visibility.

Top fabric of 360g/m2. Straight cut, tapped. Anatomical shape of sleeves with contrasting inserts in navy blue. Two reflective tapes flammable, antistatic, acid-resistant. Sleeve with elasticated cuffs. The sweatshirt is equipped with two breast pockets and two pockets recessed at hip height. Sweatshirt fastened with covered naps, pleats in the color of clothes. Connecting the elements with a two-needle tube, in all sensitive reinforcement places.
Sweatshirt according to PN EN standards: 11611; 11612; 1149-5; IEC 61482; 13034; 20471; 13688.

Swedish tr/combustible trousers, atistatic, acid-resistant, anti-electric arc, with high visibility. The weight of the outer fabric is 360g/m2. Fastened with elastic harnesses with metal buckles and movement shock, a pocket fastened with a metal zip perched with a tab on the chest. Side of trousers adjustable with metal buttons, two pockets recessed on the hips elasticated belt, two pockets on the leg of the pants. Yellow inserts on the legs plus double reflective leg straps finished with navy blue material.
Trousers complying with PN EN standards: 11611; 11612; 1149-5; IEC 61482; 13034; 20471; 13688.

Ubrania robocze specjalistyczne, multi-funkcyjne o zwiększonej widoczności z pasami odblaskowymi