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Workplace safety

Workwear and protective clothing, made of properly certified fabrics and meeting certain standards, but also functional and comfortable. The purpose of protective clothing is to protect the worker from dirt or destruction of his own clothing, as well as to prevent injury or penetration into the skin of dangerous substances.

Often the issue of choosing the right workwear is downplayed, which is a big mistake. Work clothes are very important for ensuring comfortable and safe work. This is especially important in places where there is an immediate threat to the health or life of the worker. Welding and grinding plants, foundry plants and smelters, as well as mechanical plants. These are just a few places where the use of appropriate clothing is mandatory.

Modern machine park together with qualified staff and many years of experience allow us to produce high quality clothing for a wide range of customers.

Our offer includes non-flammable and acid-resistant clothing, anti-static, waterproof and warning, as well as protection against cold. We also produce specialized, multifunctional clothing, designed for extremely difficult workplaces.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and contact us to discuss your needs and choose the right assortment.

01. Workwear, coveralls

02. Sweatshirts and jackets

03. T-shirts, work shirts, aprons

04. Work trousers, shorts

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